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No matter what your opinion of Facebook, if your business involves marketing a product or service to the public it would be a huge mistake to ignore this social phenomena.

This is a continuation of my original article on "Creating and Promoting a Facebook Page". If you have not yet read that article, read it first. It lays the groundwork for everything presented here.

Creating and Promoting a Facebook Page

Why Are Businesses Promoting Their Facebook Page?
When this trend first began, I wondered why a business would work so hard to send internet traffic to their Facebook Page instead of their own website. I initially thought this was counter-productive, that it was opposite of the desired affect, you want traffic to flow from Facebook to your website, not the other way around.

I just recently got it. When you get an existing fan or customer to "Like" you on Facebook, it's like handing that  customer a flyer about your business and telling them to go wave the flyer in the face of 250 friends. Facebook is simply the medium that allows that to happen. There has long been a marketing rule that a happy customer will tell 10 friends about your product or service. Well thanks to Facebook that reach has been extended x 25! You might want to argue my point and that's okay, but what if it's just 20 times, 15 times, 10 times or 5 times? If it were only 2x it would justify the effort of going after it.

I've done a great deal of research and even spent some time on the telephone with a Facebook employee asking questions. That's where I learned that the average Facebook User has 250 friends. In my research I recently read an article that was very negative toward Facebook, the guy said something to the effect "who cares if a happy customer shares his good experience about buying a car from your car lot with a friend that is geographically located three states away from your location." In my opinion that author was very narrow-minded and short-sighted.

My wife continually accuses me of being overly optimistic and I will admit that I do tend to tilt that way. I immediately thought that the reason the happy customer had a friend three states away is because his friend was originally from the town the car lot was located in. The friends parents still live in the town where the car lot is and when his mother calls her son (three states away mind you) and says I have to buy a new car guess what? He's going to remember his friends recommendation! 

Getting People To My Facebook Page
The simple truth of the matter is, you are going to have to create a hyperlink to your page, put it in front of their face and make them want to click it. Most businesses attempt this by putting a Facebook logo on their web page. Generally there is no encouragement to click on the hyperlinked logo other than, "Follow Us" or "Like Us". How creative is that? How effective is it? Well, it is so common that people recognize it and know what to expect when they click it.

A Facebook Ad Campaign Is A Must
It's simple really, Facebook designed it to be that way. If you are spending any monies advertising and at least a portion of that advertising money is not going to Facebook, you are missing the boat. The only exception to this statement that I can think of at the moment would be if your target market is not on the internet. Who could that be?

I shared this chart in the previous article, but I want to share it again. The chart graph depicts what is possible with a Facebook Ad Campaign. 20,000 Facebook Fans in 60 Days!

marked up graph

We will follow up with the progress of this project in the future and share what we learn. One of the things I want to reinforce from my previous article is the fact that a successful campaign takes time to develop.

It would have been easy at any point up to Day 31 to have said the cost-benefit wasn't working.
Having said this though, I also want to point out that knowing when to pull back and put the brakes on a campaign is very important as well. If this page was not dealing with seasonal products whose season runs from June through August, we might have have pushed and pursued the campaign right up to Christmas.

The days to acquire 5,000 fans went from 30 to 7 to 10 to 17 and we saw the trend moving quickly back to 30 which extended beyond the water sport season for almost all of the United States. We spent our time trying to come up with an ad that had magnetic pull for the first two weeks.

Once we had that one ad we were looking for, the next four weeks we were busy focusing on our page, tabs, content and posting. These efforts were focused on improving our conversion rate, gaining peripheral fans, involving those new fans on our page with interaction and perhaps most importantly, converting these new fans to customers.

After six weeks, we dedicated the next four weeks to trying to determine the optimal point to put the brakes on. At the outset of the campaign we had planned for the campaign to last 90 days. We exceeded our goals in 64 days and moved on.

Originally we had planned to spend $10 per day or $300 per month for a total of $900 on the test. We are still spending $3 to $5 per day on the one ad that is adding 100 to 150 new fans per day still (200 on a good day).

One Good Reason To Create A Facebook Page
Can you give me one good reason I should care about promoting my product or service on Facebook? Facebook has 150 million registered users in the United States alone. This indicates that there is a very good chance that many of your existing or potential customers are Facebook users.

If a Facebook user sees that you have -0- Facebook Fans and your competitor has 20,000 Facebook Fans, it is going to indicate a public preference for your competitor over you, deserved or not. People in general have a tendency to go along with the crowd, like what is popular and do what their friends do.
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