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At Cook & Co. we believe the continuous improvement of the processes and systems that support our mission are crucial to our success. We've been reasonably successful by any standard and have utilized our technology resources to assist business clients in developing and furthering their own business interests. With such a "seasonal business", we are forced to actively seek ways to increase efficiency in order to realize the greatest output in a ten week period each year. Good examples are our secure online appointment scheduler, client portal and financial calculators.
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We created and host this website.

We can do the same for your business. We operate information technology systems and tools that manage millions in tax dollars.
Cook & Co. I.T. Department

How does a small firm in Arab, Alabama excel at secure technology so well?

We've been securing client data since 1957. It's just become a part of who and what we are. Security and technology are never an afterthought in our endeavors. It's always at the forefront.
data security with biometrics

BARA.NET and the Secure Environment

Employees enter the building through a biometric system which allows access only during strict business hour schedules. Computer workstations are controlled and monitored on our private network. Multiple layers of security are in place with both hardware and software firewalls to protect all traffic on our internal private network.
rack of servers

Our Public Facing Network at Cook & Co. Tax Advisors

We have three racks of web servers that host websites for us and many of our business clients, nonprofits and member organizations. These public facing servers are segregated from our internal network, protected by multiple protocols and are virtualized, which means they are disposable. They could be wiped out and recreated almost immediately.
data security lock

Greg is his own Internal Private Network Administrator

From 1982 or 1983 up until 2006 we were a Novell shop, we utilized only Novell servers in our internal network. From May 2006 through August 2008 we phased out the Novell servers and transitioned entirely to Microsoft. A retired top NASA security expert assisted us with the transition and I will never forget his comment to me, "Greg, I just don't see any way a snake can get in this building."
Greg's Podcast

Greg's Podcast

If reading about taxes seems like too much to endure, try listening to my Tax Podcast. If listening to tax related stuff can be fun, I will make it fun. But keep in mind, this podcast is meant to be more helpful than entertaining.
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